• AquaResist


AquaResist is an easy to use spray and rinse finish product that creates instant protection, hydrophobic performance and brilliant shine. The ultimate product to use to provide fast protection and shine when time is limited. Suitable for all exterior surfaces.


Shake well before use.


1. Ensure vehicle is properly cleaned and rinsed.

2. Spray light mist over wet vehicle and rinse.

3. Wipe dry with plush microfibre towel as normal.


Tips: A little goes a long way with AquaResist, a few light sprays on each panel is all that is required. For best results, wash your vehicle with Amplify Shampoo first, and use with Amplify Drying Towel for paintwork or Waffle Towel for glass at the drying stage. Can be used on top of Amplify AquaProtect sealant. 

Size: 500ml

  • £7.99