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Clay Block

Compared to a traditional clay bar, our clay block provides a faster, more efficient way of removing bonded surface contamination and fallout embedded to your vehicle. 

The Clay Block's clever detachable design means unlike traditional clays, the pad can be removed allowing it to be easily cleaned, re-used or replaced, with each pad being able to be used up to 50 times.

The detachable pad has been designed to absorb your choice of lubricant solution which is then released during the claying phase, resulting in a safer and more efficient process overall.


1. Ensure vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and wet.

2. Submerge the block into a bucket of diluted shampoo so that the pad absorbs the solution.

3. Starting with glass first, followed by the rest of the vehicle, lightly glide the pad over the surface in straight overlapping lines.

4. Submerge block back into bucket of solution, and repeat. 

5. Once the process has been completed, rinse & dry.


Tips: We recommended Amplify Shampoo diluted in a bucket of water as your lubricant solution. Always make sure the pad is well lubricated. Repeating the process may be required to get the desired smooth to touch feel.




  • £10.99