• Interior Cleaner

Interior Cleaner

Ready to use interior all purpose cleaner suitable for use on interior surfaces such as plastics, vinyl, rubber, cloth and carpets, leaving a clean finish and pleasant fragrance.  


Shake well before use.

Plastics Vinyl and Rubber

1. Spray onto surface area or directly onto microfibre towel for smaller areas.

2. Agitate gently with brush if required.

3. Wipe clean with fresh microfibre towel.

Textile Stain Removal or Shampooing

1. Vacuum area to remove any loose dirt if necessary.

2. Spray liberally on area and leave to dwell for 2 minutes.

3. Agitate with brush if required.

4. Stains: Blot dry with fresh microfibre towel.

5. Shampooing: Rinse with water, or wipe with microfibre towel. Use Wet or Dry vacuum to remove excess if required.


Tips: Amplify Interior Cleaner is pre-diluted and ready to use straight from the bottle. We recommend testing on a small area first. Works well will Amplify Ultra Soft Brushes and Amplify Multi Purpose Microfibre Towels

Size: 500ml

  • £7.99