• Quick Detailer+

Quick Detailer+

Versatile and forgiving detail spray that can be used as a drying aid, as quick boost of shine to any surface or to support the claying process. Reduces risk of marring and swirl marks during claying or drying process.



Shake well before use. Ensure vehicle is washed thoroughly before using product by using Amplify Shampoo.


1. Spray onto a panel or small section at a time.

2. Glide clay across surface in back and forward motion. Keep clay and surface area well dosed with Quick Detailer+.

Drying Aid

1. Spray onto a panel at a time.

2. Wipe down with drying towel until dry.

Shine & Finish

1. Spray onto a small section and spread across area using plush microfibre towel.

2. Flip towel or use second clean towel and gently buff off until finish is clear.


Tips: When using as part of the claying process, this product can be diluted. When using as a Drying Aid or for Shine & Finish, use a quality microfibre towel such as Amplify Drying Towel or Amplify Multi Purpose Towels. This product also provides shine to plastics and trim.

Size: 500ml

  • £8.99