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Thick foaming and highly lubricant shampoo. Provides a smooth feel as you wash exterior surfaces clean, reducing chances of marring and lifting dirt with ease. Safe for use on waxes, sealants and coatings.



1. Rinse vehicle well with water to loosen dirt. For best results use Amplify Snowfoam first as a pre-wash.

2. Add 2 squirts to a 20L bucket of water.

3. To build up foam in your wash bucket, agitate well either manually or with water from a hose or pressure washer (repeat if required during wash).

4. Using a wash mitt or pad, thoroughly wash all panels of the vehicle top down.

5. Thoroughly rinse to remove any remaining residue.


Tips: The dirtier the vehicle, the more Shampoo should be used for extra cleaning power. Use Amplify Snowfoam as pre-wash and an Amplify Microfibre Wash Mitt for a safe contact wash, reducing the risk of swirl marks.

Sizes: 500ml or 5 Litre


  • £9.99